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Halftime is the University of Notre Dame’s premier co-ed a cappella group, founded in 2004 as an outlet for both genders to sing and perform on campus and beyond. We strive to create, record and perform amazing music and have a lot of fun doing it!

Halftime has worked hard and grown throughout the years. We've participated in ICCAs held by Varsity Vocals, held on campus concerts every semester, and most recently released our second live album, Eclipse, available on all streaming platforms and produced by the award winning producers Plaid Productions. We also have 3 EPs and 1 other live album called H. We also plan to continue to release new music from our concerts to share with our community, and we are hoping to release another album in the near future! All of the music performed, recorded, and produced by Halftime has been arranged by members of the group, and we encourage every member to participate in arrangements. 

Halftime is also active on social media, and has grown our community in the past few years. Our ‘Guess Who’s Singing’ content on TikTok has gone viral with over 30 million views, and we have over 64 thousand followers! We love to connect with the a cappella community, and are excited to continue to do so.  


Halftime has bigger plans than ever for the future, with hopes to work toward in-house studio recordings and mixes for streaming. And of course, we’re so excited to continue to share our love of music with the Notre Dame community and beyond!


Stay tuned for news about Halftime and upcoming performances on Instagram (@Halftimend), Facebook and TikTok. You can also subscribe to our newsletter here and browse our website to learn more about our members and booking!


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